The Bottle Cap Kick Challenge! Justin Bieber vs Mariah Carey… Try Not to laugh

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#BottleCapChallenge: In this video we give a brief time line of the “Bottle Cap Challenge”, how it began and who actually started it.


– Taekwondo expert Master Fa starts the “Bottle Cap Challenge” on instagram and challenges various famous martial artists including jean Claude Van Damme, Jackie Chan, Ginger Ninja Trickster.

– Fashion designer Errolson Hugh then responds to Master Fa’s video and also nominates UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway to complete the Bottle Cap Challenge.

– Max Holloway accepts, then nominates American Singer John Mayer to complete Bottle Cap Challenge.

– John Mayer accepts and then nominates British actor Jason Statham.

– Jason Statham accepts, completes the #bottlecapchallenge and nominates kick boxer @jmoontasri who completes the challenge (video on instagram), he then nominates stuntwoman Heidi Moneymaker who is yet to respond.

– Despite not being nominated, Conor McGregor then took it upon himself to attempt the challenge, Conor also called out/ nominated Floyd Mayweather to attempt the #bottlecapchallenge

– Other UFC, MMA athletes including Angela Hill, Gabi Garcia, Belal Mohammed and Jessica Andrade also took it upon themselves to attempt the challenge

Who do YOU think did it best ?
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