Rare Playboy Magazine Covers 1950’s

Ok so we know Hugh Hepher was arrested, went to court and won, from the 1963 issue he published that had Jayne Mansfield on the cover.
That was a huge day for Playboy Magazine and heavily impacted today’s magazine publications. I found these rare images of the covers of Playboy in the 50’s. Facebook friendly and really cool.
I love how they used cartoon drawings and added a model. I love how the Playboy Bunny was on the cover, and he was a cartoon drawing.
​I added some screen shots to the blog of eBay sellers currently selling issues from 1950’s. I wish I could buy them all and one day I will own at least 1.
The 1960’s covers are cool too. Especially after 1963, in the mid to late 60’s the covers were way different. Models in bathing suits, in bikini’s and implied nude shots.


Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince

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