Mariah Carey settles sexual harassment case with former manager

New Delhi, Jan 09 (ANI): American singer-songwriter Mariah Carey has finally settled a long drawn legal battle with her former manager Stella Bulochnikov, who had accused the 48-year-old of sexual harassment. The matter was settled out of court. “The parties have reached a mutually agreed resolution to this matter,” Page Six quoted Bulochnikov’s attorney as saying. The lawsuit against Carey was filed in April 2018, when Bulochnikov accused her of sexual misconduct, alleging the singer was often nude in front of her, reported People. Carey and Bulochnikov worked for almost three years, before they parted ways in November 2017, and had released a joint statement at the time saying that they would “remain partners in a number of business ventures” and would “continue to support each other in those endeavors.” However, in April 2018, Carey saw Bulochnikov’s lawyers filing an order in New York court alleging breach of contract and violation of the U.S. Civil Rights Acts. Carey’s team had denied the allegations.

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