Forget About It – Starring Burt Reynolds – Full Movie

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Legendary cast! Golden Globe winner & Academy award nominee Burt Reynolds Golden Globe winner Raquel Welch Golden Globe winner & Academy award nominee Charles Durning Academy award & Emmy award nominee Robert Loggia From John D. Schofield, The Producer of the Academy award winning films As Good As it Gets.

Welcome to Sunrise Village, a little piece of trailer park heaven outside Phoenix, AZ. Here, retired war vets Sam (Burt Reynolds), Carl (Robert Loggia) and Eddie (Charles Durning) are enjoying their “Golden Years” while vying for the attentions of their sexy neighbor Christine (Raquel Welch).

Into this idyllic setting drops wise-guy Angelo Nitti who, in exchange for ratting out the Mob, is rechristened “John Brandin” by the Witness Protection Program. Unfortunately, he “forgets” to mention that he has stolen over $4 million from the Syndicate, and when Sam, Carl and Eddie stumble upon Nitti’s hidden stash of cash, the hapless trio thinks their ship has finally come in. Now both the Mafia and the Feds are coming to town looking to take them all down!

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