Ernie Kovacs – Sex & Violence / NBC Radio’s “Miss Monitor” Tedi Thurman – Jayne Mansfield spoof

[From “Kovacs Corner” on] – This blackout clip has Ernie satirizing topics which always appear to have social relevence…even after 48 years! Does the style of the cartoon characters seem familiar? Keep in mind that Ernie at the time was also a fan and occasional contributing writer to Mad Magazine. The weather forcast segment with Jolene Brand appears to be a not-so-veiled jab at NBC-Radio personality Tedi Thurman, who was popularly known as “Miss Monitor”. (Ernie and Jolene also threw in a good measure of Jayne Mansfield to boot!). Broadcast radio fans can view more information about Tedi, and listen to a sample of her vocalization of the weather forcast, at . BTW, Jolene’s refers to “Pluvius”. Jupiter Pluvius was an ancient god who was the reliever of droughts.

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