Britney Spears’ Struck Some Sexy Bikini Yoga Poses That Shows Her Hot Body

Do you want a hot body? Want to look hot in a bikini? Let Britney Spears shows you how!

Britney has posted a fitness video on Instagram that showed her doing a sexy yoga workout routine. The 37 years old star puts her abs on display for us all to see.

This sexy yoga flow was set to Cardi B and Bad Bunny’s hit song “I Like It,” Spears yoga poses were very impressive to behold. It includes, but not limited to a one-arm plank and a handstand, she was able to hold that as she walked around on her hands like I said before impressive.

The star was wearing a zebra-print bikini and enjoying the outdoors.

Seemingly in a nod to Cardi herself, Spears also included a saucy split in the routine, as she bounced up and down, showing off her incredible flexibility.

She shared the clip just a week after checking out of a wellness facility.

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