Born Reckless (Preview Clip)

On the road with buxom blonde Jackie and handsome rodeo star Kelly. She’s a saloon singer and trick rider hoping to lasso Eddie for herself. He’s too busy to pay much mind, wrangling an unfettered dalliance with an eager temptress and pursuing rodeo cash prizes so he can someday buy his own spread. Yet any wolf-whistling saddle bum who tries to strike up too cozy a friendship with Jackie may have a sudden appointment with Eddie’s fists. Top-billed Mamie Van Doren plays Jackie, slipping in and out of sex-kitten mode in this tale of riding, roping, bulldogging, ballad-warbling and lovey-dovey rodeo life. Along with Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield, Mamie was one of the trio of blonde beauties dubbed “The Three M’s.” Jeff Richards (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers) portrays Kelly. Arthur Hunnicutt plays Kelly’s rodeo sidekick. Also in the mix: a singing appearance by C&W favorite Tex Williams.

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