12 Most Frightening Police Discoveries News 2017

12 Most Frightening Police Discoveries News 2017
12 Most Frightening Police Discoveries News 2017
12 Most Frightening Police Discoveries News 2017
Here are 12 of the most disturbing things ever found by the police. From the murder scene of Sharon Tate to a truck filled w/ bull penis

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7. Colombian Drug Bust
It might not be too shocking that cops found cocaine in Columbia but the sheer amount is enough to leave many in awe. It’s frightening considering how much of this was probably heading for the US and how many lives this could have saved This discovery was the largest found by police in this country and there was total of 3,000 pounds seized in May 2016 worth roughly 48 million dollars. This entire supply was packed and ready to be shipped off to potential buyers. The Colombian authorities arrested a few criminals at the scene but the gang leader is still on the loose. Americans are offering 5 million of his capture. Although there have been larger busts by the US coast guard, this is the biggest one so far made by police. Cops in this photo are making sure no one tries to get their stash back.

6. Bodies in Barrels
Police often have to come across the gruesome discoveries of corpses being stuffed in barrels then sent to bottoms of lakes. Remains of two people were reported missing for a month were found in Lake Hartwell. The two people who were found in one barrel each were identified as Andrea Kellie Mitchell and the men was Tony McGinnis. Two arrests were made.

5. Issei Sagawa Crime Scene
This murderer Also known as the Cannibal Celebrity left behind a grisly crime scene that shocked many citizens of France. While studying abroad in France, he developed an obsession with tall European women and had an urge to taste their flesh. While a fellow student from the Netherlands was studying at her house, he pulled out a rifle and shot her in the neck. He claims her wanted to absorb her energy. Her mutilated body was discovered near a lake by French Police. By some technicality, Sagawa saw no prison time and has discussed his cannibalism on many documentaries making him a celebrity in the process.

4. It’s my Baby!
This next crimes scene and story is gruesome to say the least. A woman named Dynal Lane apparently had been faking pregnancies for quite some time to get attention. She loved the attention she’d get from being pregnant but she just never seemed to actually have. He boy friend became suspicious when she wouldn’t show him pregnacy test result or go to the doctor for check ups.

She decided to befriend a woman in Colorado, Michelle Wilkins, who was actually pregnant. After gaining her trust, Dynal went to her home; bad idea. Dynal attacked Michelle with a knife and cut the baby open from her stomach on this bed we see in the photo. She wanted a baby of her own but this wasn’t the right way to get one Police were shocked to see Michelle still alive and the bloody mess it left behind.

3. Jeffrey Dahmer’s Fridge
I can’t imagine being the police officer discovering this.This notorious American serial killer kept more than just your average snacks in his refrigerator. He didn’t get the nickname “the Milwaukee Cannibal” for nothing. Not only did he keep some mustard in there, the jars actually contain human remains from his which he of course ate. The freezer was discovered with a human skull in the top left corner of the photo as well as other skeletal remains. Would hate to go to this guy’s house if this was all he had to eat.

2. The Cleveland Strangler House
What’s with all these murderers from the Midwest? Anthony Sowell was once apart of the US Marine Corps but had a difficult time getting situated back in civilian life, and was arrested for an attempted rape. Police made a shocking discovery when they searched his house. First they had found 2 corpses in the living room. He was arrested 2 days later and then after searching the area between home and his backyard no one could believe the carnage he had left behind. The total remains of 11 women were uncovered and city officials decided to demolish the home out of respect to the victims.

1.John Wayne Gacy’s house
The name John Wayne Gacy strikes fear into the hearts of many. Also known as the Killer Clown, he lured many young men into his house, where he brutally tortured and murdered his victims. He was w

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