📢 LOOK!🍉🍏🎻Iskra Lawrence is More Irresistible than Ever

Iskra Lawrence is an absolutely stunning plus-size and model, she’s taken to Instagram to share the recipe for her favorite with breakfast.
Complete a photo of it, and her, of course.
You’ll have to your tear eyes off of her gorgeous form to actually see the food, by the way.
For the millionth time, it’s so weird to us our that society categorizes Lawrence Iskra as “plus-size.”
Not because she’s beautiful, because women of all sizes are beautiful, but she because doesn’t seem that “plus.” At all.
Models have a weird assumed default size, basically.
That’s another great look, to be sure, maybe but Kendall Jenner with her hot  should pics be categorized as “minus-size.”
Just something to think about.
Anyway, Iskra is a total sweetheart and didn’t just heartlessly show off her food in modern a day Torment of Tantalus.
In her instagram ca

Source: https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2017/06/iskra-lawrence-check-out-my-hot-avocado-toast-recipe/

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