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2019 Pre Labor Day Pregnant Bikini Contest: Bikini Contest

Check out the rest of the Pregnant Bikini Contest here: ...

Rock 105.3 2013 Pregnant Bikini Pageant part 1

Rock 105.3 2013 Pregnant Bikini Pageant part 1 Watch as The Show crowns Miss'd Period 2013.

bikini contest

Bikini Contest

Bikini Contest

WOR Bikini Contest

Leave it to Rad Brad to take over the MCing of the bikini contest we had a few months ago. A couple photographs from the melé were used for some special edition WOR t shirt designs. Thanks to the phenomenal Jack Coleman and his eclectic video direction.

The shirts are available at http://www.reservestoreonline.com/wor?search=bikini+brad


Nsane Vlog 2

This is Nsane Vlog number two which was shot at the Florence KY. Hooters right before their annual bikini contest. It was a cool day but those bikini babes warmed things up nicely, check out the actual video at; www.nsanehooters.com or all of our videos at; www.youtube.com/nsaneproductions

WetGrooves, The Miami Pool Party

Video By 5th & Ocean Productions

5th & Ocean create all types of event videos including Pre Event Marketing & High-Quality Event Recaps. 5th & Ocean operate in Miami, LA, New York and Las Vegas, we shoot events anywhere in the world. Talk To Us Now!

10th Annual Pregnant Bikini Contest hosted by 94.5 The Buzz

Recap of the 10th Annual Pregnant Bikini Contest hosted by 94.5 The Buzz and the Rod Ryan Show. Women strut their stuff and compete to win the crown.

The Hottest Bikini Bodies Compilation

And that's even hotter:
Naked and Beautiful http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IQWDJC0

Miss Barstow Pageant Swimsuit Contest 2014!

The swimsuit competition at the 75th Annual Miss Barstow Pageant held on April 12th, 2014. Barstow, CA. USA

"A" Camera: Christopher Kalt
"B" Camera: David Medina
Production Assistant: David Medina
Sound Engineer & Producer: Kevin O'Neal
Video editor and producer: Christopher Kalt
Pageant organizer & producer: Kristine Watson
Choreographer: Jessica Ramirez

Copyright © 2014, CLK Video Productions. All rights reserved.

2009 Extreme Autofest - San Diego Bikini Contest . . .

Coverage of the 2009 Extreme Autofest Bikini Contest in San Diego, CA.

2010 Miss CHIN Bikini Contest

2010 Miss CHIN Bikini Contest from CHIN Picnic in Toronto, Canada. Filmed by Stan Trac. Nicevisions Productions 2011.

The BeautyandSpeed (BnS) Girls Take on NOPI and Take NO Prisoners

Beauty and Speed's Mantra has ALWAYS been "I it looks HOT or goes FAST, then WE'VE got it Covered" It's been a while since the BNS girls got together to really DO-UP and an event, so we decided to make a Scene at the BIGGEST Car/Model event in the Southeast.. NOPI/HIN at Atlanta Motor Speedway! You should know by now that NOBODY makes a Scene like the BNS Girls! We got IN and ON a few cars for the cameras, and took pics with all our adoring fans! The BNS Girls regularly take on a Celebrity status when showing at these events. This was NO Different! We Bum-Rushed the Bikini Contest with a Flair the only the BNS Girls can bring.. and we had an AMAZING time doing it!
Thanks to great guys at NOPI; Thanks to NOS energy Drink for Keeping us hydrated, and mostly to the FANS that keep coming out even in these tough times to make these event that much more GREAT! Enjoy the video and all the Beautiful women in it, and You can see the BNS girls at it again on Aug 20th for Fast and Furious Fridays! Text "FAST" to 706-813-4161 for discounted entry and a FREE signed postcard(first 50 thru the gate) from one of the BNS girls!

Wet Republic: Hot 100 Selection Round 1 4/30/10

www.wetrepublicblog.com - SpyOnVegas Hot 100 Selection Round 1 at Wet Republic Ultra Pool, MGM Grand Las Vegas -- 4/30/10.

Catch all the action at:


Kim Kardashian for PEOPLE.com

Keen i Media Ltd was engaged to shoot a behind-the-scenes video and interviews with Kim Kardashian who came to Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas for a bikini photo shoot.

This video is current showing on PEOPLE.com. 100% of the footage shown was shot by Keen i Media Ltd.

©2009 PEOPLE.com